Get Your Mentees Involved!

Our Seven Secrets How To Study Course & Workshop are the ideal virtual experience to increase mentee involvement. Through our course and workshop we help your community of mentees learn how to maximize their learning abilities. We can increase your mentors understanding of how to keep their K-12 mentee motivated to stay in school and to engage in creative learning.


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Five takeaways for your community of mentors & mentees

  1. How to help their mentees create a plan for success in school
  2. How to create a better study environment
  3. How to improve their mentees’ focus
  4. How to build a successful relationship with the teacher and school
  5. How to find resources to help their mentees

What comes with the digital resources?

7 course & workshop topics

The course and workshop revolve around seven topics that include: parenting; study environments; developing relationships with teachers; and standardized tests.


Several times a month Dr. Jones will upload engaging podcasts on various parenting topics with information and resources to engage your school community.


Several times a month Dr. Jones adds articles with relevant information and resources to engage your school community.


Each month during the school year Dr. Jones will host a live webinar on various parenting topics that your school community can attend or access on demand.

Digital Resources Portal

School partners are given their own personalized digital resources portal for their school community to access the program materials.


During the course and workshop surveys are conducted with the community to get an understanding of how we can help. Data is shared with our school partners.

Engagement Materials

School partners are given engagement materials to share with their school community via email, text, and any other digital means.


Sign Up

Organizational partner signs up!


Configure Portal

Personalized course and digital resources portal is configured


Notify Community

Mentoring partner is given postcards with a course and workshop access code to give to parents


Engage Community

We work with the organizational partner to engage the community of mentor/mentee with the course and workshop