Seven Secrets How to Study

Are you tired of watching your student struggle to study and learn? Understanding the right study strategies will raise each student’s academic and personal confidence. Your student can learn how to consistently earn A+ grades while getting tips from the Seven Secrets of How to Study. 


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Who Should Buy the Seven Secrets of How to Study?

Dr. Jones is currently President of SAJ Publishing. He is also the Associate Dean of Student in the College of Engineering at Villanova University. For thirteen years he worked at Drexel University as Director of the SUCCESS/ACT101 program. He has received numerous awards for his dedication to students. Some of his awards include Distinguished Toast Master, Toastmasters District Award Winner, National Society of Black Engineers Award and Black Engineer of the Year Award. The Drexel University chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers recently named an award after him to acknowledge his efforts. The award is titled the Dr. Stephen Jones Award for Academic Excellence. It is presented to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence throughout their enrollment.

Five key takeaways

  1. Learn how to improve memory
  2. Learn how to form a positive relationship with teachers
  3. Learn how to improve students focus
  4. Learn how to create a study environment
  5. Improve your chances of college success